Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is the New Year

I've decided to pick this "blog thing" back up and make it one of my new year's resolutions. Like any blogger has done in the past couple of days, this post is in honour of my new years resolutions.

Seems like every year I make the resolution to lose weight. I mean, what girl doesn't? It always ends up the same too....I decide to work out every other day and that usually last for 3 weeks. I decide to eat only salads and only drink water. That lasts about 1 1/2 weeks. So I am really going to try this year to keep my resolutions and not make ones that are not out of reach.

1. I'm going to blog and read more.
>>I've found that when I take the time to sit down either "journal" on here or read a book, I'm so much more relaxed. There really is nothing better than getting completely engrossed in a good book. A book so good that you absolutely cannot put it down. I recently finished The Hunger Games and I have now becomed obsessed. I'm now reading Catching Fire, the second book of the trilogy. I'm trying to pace myself because I don't want the story to be over! Blogging has also had the same thrill for me when I actually take the time to do it. It's so nice to read an honest blog where you can tell you're reading something from a real person.

2. I'm going to fill this year with many firsts!!!
>>I've already started and it's only the first day of the year! Firstly first I decided to do something out of the ordinary with my hair for New Year's Eve. BEEHIVE. I followed an online tutorial from keikolynn for a beehive with a braided crown. It turned out so awesome! I felt like I was in the 60s! My mother said she loved it and my sister said "ewwww." So mission accomplished.
>>Another first for me this year is the cooking of the traditional roasted chicken. My mother has been trying to teach me this special chicken so that I can make it for my family and it finally happened. She was a beautiful bird.

3. Invest more time in hobbies that make me happy. I have found in the past few months that crafting is something that I really enjoy! It's so nice to see such a large online community for it and it's so much fun! A couple of weekends ago, a friend and I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, ate peppermint bark and made handemade Christmas presents. The perfect evening. My next adventure will be sewing. I have a beautiful sewing machine given to me two Christmases ago that has not seen the light of day. I intend on taking a sewing class this year to change that!

4. Make A's in all of my upcoming graduate school courses. I am incredibly nervous about being back in school and my top goal is to put as much into this degree as I possibly can.

5. Be happy. It's so funny how random moments in your life can make you realize how short your life is. I don't want to spend minutes of my life fighting with someone or being unhappy. It's just not worth it. So I am going to try not to nit pick my boyfriend or be too bossy (two things I need to work on). Because in the end, it's just not worth it.

Hopefully these are all realistic resolutions that I can stick with! Any helpful tips or tricks to keep these are greatly appreciated!

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