Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oooh baby Mr. Postman...

Anticipating a FedEx package this morning, I jammed to some Motown Hits [namely Please Mr. Postman by The Marvelettes] and paced around the house looking like this and continuously checking my watch:

Mr. Postman [or FedEx man if you want to get all technical] was coming by to deliver me a package from Francesca's Collections. I found out this morning via email that my package was to be delivered today! Which leads me to today's post: online shopping.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shop. And by love I mean really love. Doesn't matter if it's Lowe's, H-E-B, or Forever 21. I'll shop anywhere. I have always been leery of online shopping [thanks, Mom] because you just never know how clothing is going to fit. That being said, I thought I would give it a whirl. I've been a bit blog-obsessed recently which has led to a lot of online browsing. Usually I just browse the "SALE" collections as this bitch is on a budget.

So I browsed Francesca's [they have the most adorable clothes, not so crazy about the jewelry] sale collection and found two pieces that were very good bargains that I simply could not live without. I chose the melon colored top because it screams SPRING! It was also on sale for $7. C'mon now.

The top is super cute. But once again [my mother's voice in my ear] it doesn't fit the best. Especially under the arms. The rest of the top is perfect; perfect length and shape for my body. However, it is a bit uncomfortable under the arms. It was only $7 so I will definitely keep it. Plans include wearing to work with my black skinny jeans and either mint or black cardigan.

On to the pièce de résistance...I found this black and white skirt and immediately fell for it. Cute length, will match with basically anything & reasonably price at $13.

Woohoo, I'm in love with it! And it fits perfectly!!! Even comes with a supercute braided black skinny belt. Plan on wearing with basically anything!!!

So here's the conclusion I've come to: online shopping is wishy-washy. You just never know how things will fit and how they will look. I am super happy that I chose the black and white skirt and am moderately pleased with the top. HAPPY HUNTING, Y'ALL:)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Band Post

An excellent Saturday was had today. Brian had the day off (!) yay and we slept in until 10! Well...I slept in until 10!

We hung around the house this morning and tried a new sub sandwich place for lunch. Eggplant on wheat bread sub with mozz cheese and peppers? Umm YUM! Afterwards we did some grocery shopping (thank the good lord for H-E-B) and finally went to see The Lorax. I'm pretty sure we were the only adult couple in the theater without children. Oh well! It was adorable. We then headed home where Brian made fish tacos w/ cabbage slaw, tomatillo avocado salsa and homemade black beans. Yummmmmm.

So. On to the band post. Let me just take a moment to thank Spotify. Spotify has changed my life and how I am getting exposed to new music. It's simply wonderful. Today I have been diggin a lady by the name of Lana Del Rey. I am totally loving her low voice and she kind of reminds me of Fiona Apple. I have seen her album out and I was curious, so I consulted my bff Spotify. So glad I did because now I have gone through her full album and know that it's on my wish list! Give a listen:)

Lana Del Rey: Born to Die


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Movie Review

Martha Marcy May Marlene

With saying that today would be a cloudy, rainy day in Austin I decided to stay in with the pups and rent some movies I've been waiting to see. Naturally, I went to my go to spot for movie Vulcan Video and had to grab a gyro at Tino's...
[side note: Vulcan Video is awesome and I have yet to find a movie I want to see that they don't carry...]

I went in with the specific purpose of renting Martha Marcy May Marlene and was pleased when I spotted it! I will be honest that my motivations for wanting to watch this movie can be listed in the following: Elizabeth Olsen, "psychological drama", & cults. I mean, c'mon that screams BAILEY.

The film was good. It was really good. I liked the way that it was shot in the present and goes back in to scenes from the past. The choice of actors was also really good [it definitely did not hurt that I was surprised to see Hugh Dancy! *swoon*] Elizabeth Olsen did an outstanding job as the lead role and I was very impressed to learn that it was her first "real" acting role. She is gorgeous and looks exactly like Ashley [we are on a first-name basis here...]. John Hawkes is already a great actor and did a wonderful job as the "charismatic cult leader" [as taken from IMDB].

Overall, the film did leave plenty of questions to the imagination. I wanted to know so badly how the lead character became a member of the cult as well as if some of her delusions throughout the film were real. I was very interested in the other members of the cult and I wish the film had gone more in to their personalities and stories. The ending was, while puzzling, well placed. I found myself saying aloud, "What?! Are you kidding me?! After stewing with that feeling for a few minutes I came to realize that it ended well. Unexpected? Yes. But well.

*Question for thought: Am I the only one who, after seeing a movie that leaves you with questions, almost immediately IMDBs it looking for answers? That's probably just me being a weirdo....

Final thoughts: Rent it, glad I didn't see it in the theater, Elizabeth Olsen is going to be a star.