Friday, November 25, 2011

November Favorite Things

As November comes to a close, I am reminded of my favorite November events, projects and "autumny" things. Behold, below is my list of my 5 favorite November things.

1. Autumn Wreaths: I love the colors of autumn. The browns, oranges, mustards, and maroons. I recently decided to start creating yarn wreaths. It's totally corny (haha, pun intended) but it makes me so happy.

Here is a wreath I made for a co-worker. I used three different colors of yarn, fake acorns and felt leaves. I loved it!

Here is the first wreath I made and I am totally in love with it. I used two different colors of yarn and also attached some of my Mamaw's buttons.

2. Knit Hats: I love knit beanies. I would wear them year round if I could get away with it in Texas. Thanksgiving was the first time I was able to break out my mustard knit beanie. Hells yes!

3. Pumpkins: Now I know that generally pumpkins are more of a "Halloween" tradition. But why not carry that over to November? And yes, I still have pumpkins on my front porch. They look so cute!!!

4. Pie: Clearly, it wouldn't be November without Thanksgiving and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pie. My favorite always has and always will be pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. What's yours?

5. Football: HAHA, YEAH RIGHT...No, really #5 is totally predictable but has to be the family dinner table at Thanksgiving. My family holds a tradition of scheduling dinner around 3:00 PM. And then 3 turns into 3:30 which turns into 4:30 which eventually turns into 5:30. I love it. This year we had our Thanksgiving at my cousin's house in Houston. My great aunt was able to travel down from Pennsylvania, which was amazing. She looks and reminds me so much of my Mimi. This time of the year always reminds me of her. She is missed tremendously and I know she is always present with us at every Thanksgiving.

Thanks November for a great month.

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  1. Adorable wreaths!!!