Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: Full House Edition

So I was brainstorming some ideas for recurring posts and landed on a good one (I think!). I settled on Guilty Pleasures. We all have 'em and we all hide 'em. So why not proudly display mine? Maybe then you won't feel so alone when you admit to your friends, "Yeah, I like John Mayer. So what?" (Not like I do, but yeah I guess I totally do...) I'll include a top 5 reasons why I love this guilty pleasure and end this weekly post with a letter to someone involved in the guilty pleasure post. A personal, heart felt letter telling the person(s) why it is I love them so much.

How could I start this weekly post without first beginning with my one true love: Full House. It is safe to say that I have had a heavy obsession with this show pretty much my entire life. I can accurately say that I have seen every episode (probably 5-6 times), have memorized numerous lines and dialogues and know all of the characters names including their real names (psycho girl, right?). I will even go as far as saying that my best friend and I actively play Full House Trivia and quiz each other on episodes as well as one of my Christmas presents being a full season of FH. Maybe we even named our first job's mascot Kathy Santoni. And yeah okay I did and still do get giddy with excitement when I hear "'Everywhere You Look."

Even over the years, my love has never died. It is an eternal love. Silly to many but this show helped me grow up. Below is a picture in front of the Painted Ladies (famous strip of homes in SF where FH was filmed) from my trip in 2010.

So here is my Top 5 list of reasons why I love FH4lyfe (In no particular order aka I can't pick favourites)
1. Michelle Tanner
It all started with a set of twins that I still find myself obsessed even though I'm 25. You know I'm talkin bout the one and only Michelle Tanner as brilliantly portrayed by MK and A. (Oh yeah we are on the abbreviated initials first-name basis). I have always loved these girls and that definitely stemmed from their time as Michelle. From her trademark one-liners ("you got it dude") to her emotional, tear-jerking moments (did you see her give the pink bunny to Uncle Jesse?!) , she without a doubt carried that show for as long as she could. And I will add this: the show went on the downhill as Michelle got older. Just sayin'.

 Growing up I always wished I was Ashley so I could be bffs and sisters with Mary-Kate. Okay, so maybe I still do...

2. The premise
For those of you who have never watched the show (you just don't even know what you're missing and do you live on Mars?) the premise is as follows: a single father (mother died) raising three girls has his best friend and brother-in-law move in to help him with his fatherly duties. I mean c'mon how was that story line not going to attract an audience? The show is filled with tons of mishaps, terribly cheesy emotional tender moments and of course John Stamos.

3. The girls
In the show, all three girls are in school and the show includes a lot of their experiences. Being a young girl when the show came out of course I could and did relate to what the girls were going through. I always wanted an older sister like D.J! (not like Stephanie, she sucked)

4. The cheese factor
As above mentioned and as any watcher of this show knows it has the premium cheese factor. The show itself was just so wholesome. I found myself wanting to live with the Tanners, wanting to hang out with Uncle Joey and date Steve.

Premium Cheese.

No words are really necessary.

 I mean, look at that face.
 Of course the most adorable relationship in the show was Uncle Jesse and Michelle.

 And who could forget cousin Stavros? He stole all of the money from the Greek benefit and tried to hit on Becky. And yeah, he was still hot.

And on that note, a short letter to FH.
Dear Full House,
Thank you for existing and nurturing me as a human being. You are amazing. I will never forget the time when Uncle Joey told Michelle that Jesse and Becky were upstairs doing their "taxis all night." That was priceless. I will also never forget the time that Stephanie choked on her jazz dance routine to Boyz 2 Men. That was hilarious. And please don't be offended that I called you a "guilty pleasure"; there really is no guilt involved, simply pride. Thanks FH for the laughs, the cries and everything in between. If I could only watch one show the rest of my life it would probably be yours.

Love always,


  1. Oh man, full house all the way! I love that show! full house marathons are pretty much the best stress relief! haha :)

    xo, Samantha

  2. I totally get this, I was (am) a huge fan too, even where the Olsens did all those made-for-tv movies and had a gazillion books. They are just too cool. Time to re-watch Full House I think! x

  3. I absolutely love Full House! I remember watching them all the time growing up especially with the rerun marathons that always seemed to be on. And Uncle Jesse talk about dreamy!